Produzione e Vendita di Carne Chianina

CO.Pro.Car. San Nicolò

The UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS of our products are:

PACKAGING in sealed tray. We use the Skin and the Vacuum packing methods, which guarantee longer freshness and a it is easy to use for our clients.

COMPETITIVE PRICES we do not use middlemen as our products will come to you directly from the factory.

LABELLING The labelling starts form the slaughterhouseswhere the measures to ensure the traceability of the meat are taken. The slaughterhouse has to guarantee a labelling and traceability system, that allows to identify the bovine carcass (or part of it) in every step of the slaughtering and storage in order to find the bovine’s identification number.

As member of the C.C.B.I. the company respects the C.C.B.I. disciplinary for the products labelling too.